We employ veterans to construct homes that are energy efficient, quick to build, and economical. Our material differentiates us. We utilize Steel Insulated Panels (SIP) that provide better insulation and durability than wood-framed homes.

We are based in Pensacola, Florida, and will grow throughout the Panhandle—from Mobile to Mexico Beach and beyond. Homes By Vets delivers exceptionally-built homes that will be standing long after the next natural disaster. Your new home will exceed Florida Building Code standards and withstand 175 mile-per-hour winds. And wood-less frames mean no termites to jeopardize its structural integrity.

Homes By Vets will be the preeminent residential home builder, using the latest technologies built by the greatest workforce in the world: our veterans.


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Enjoy all the high-end amenities of a custom house in a tiny home! 

Each of our floorplans include the following standard options:

  • Steel Insulated Panel exterior walls provide exceptional strength and insulation

  • Granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom

  • Hurricane impact windows and doors (no need for shutters or fabric)

  • Kitchen appliance suite including refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and microwave hood

  • Vinyl Plank flooring throughout

  • Upgraded paint

Smart home technology is available as an upgrade.


Square Cottage
390 sq. ft.

500 Sq. Ft.

575 Square Front View.jpg

575 Sq. Ft.

648 Square Front View.jpg

648 Sq. Ft.


Traditional HOMES

Sample Home TX 2.JPG
Sample home 2.JPG

The Mission

The most skilled, driven, and focused professionals build the best homes. And veterans are the best workforce on the face of the planet. We actively recruit military professionals because they are committed to leadership, integrity and honor. There’s no better talent pool for us to build our team—veterans drive our success.



Home By Vets partners with the following organizations.

Monument to Women Veterans

Monument to Women Veterans veteran workforce steel insulated panel home SIP

Monument to Women Veterans provides emergency housing, transitional housing and community education for veterans. MWV is also pursuing the development of a monument to honor female veterans.

“The Monument to Women Veterans is pleased to be partnering with Homes by Vets.  When Eric introduced us to veteran-built steel insulated panel construction, we sought his help to begin designing and building a shelter for female veterans experiencing homelessness.” - Michelle Caldwell, CEO



90Works Self-Sufficiency veteran workforce steel insulated panel home SIP

90Works believes homelessness, poverty and family violence can be overcome by self-sufficiency. The organization invests in people who will strive to secure affordable housing and gainful employment with the help of professionals who can assist them in navigating public and private resources.

“90 Works is partnering with Homes By Vets for two purposes: training and employing a veteran workforce and providing affordable housing in the communities we serve.” - Cate Jordan, Executive Director



Monica Eric Schneider Homes By Vets veteran workforce steel insulated panel home SIP

Monica & Eric Schneider, Owners

Monica and Eric Schneider founded Homes By Vets, a woman-owned company, in 2018. Monica is an environmental engineer with more than ten years of construction project management. She has led construction projects for the Navy, Army, and Air Force. Eric is experienced in both commercial and residential real estate with an emphasis on sales and investments. Impressed by the large military presence in the Pensacola area, Monica and Eric created Homes By Vets to provide stellar homes built by experienced veteran professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Steel Insulated Panel (SIP) home cost me more than traditional construction?
No. Even considering that raw materials for a SIP home cost about 10 to 15 percent more than a wood-framed home, the labor costs are significantly lower, and our small, efficient teams build much faster. In addition, the enhanced energy efficiency will save you money year after year.

How many people does it take to build a Homes By Vets home?
A team of four can frame the exterior shell in approximately five days—two weeks faster than average for a wood-framed home. Completion timelines vary based on exterior and interior finishes. Normally, a home can be move-in ready in 60 to 80 days.

Who else is building SIP homes?
Several manufacturers and a handful of builders are building SIP homes. None, however, have the benefit of a veteran workforce—the best professionals in the world.

Why are there so few SIP builders in the market?
Industries resist change. Many builders are sticking to what they’ve always done because it’s worked for them in the past. Or perhaps they are reluctant to transition to an entirely new building process and medium.

How much are Homes By Vets homes?
Just like any home, costs vary widely and depend on several factors, like square footage, finishes and land acquisition. Fill out the form below to learn what Homes By Vets can do for you.


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